Endura’s baggies have led a look for generations of off-roadies. FOX también tiene chaquetas especializadas en lluvia y viento. Sustainability is a value that is espoused all the way from the top of Endura and it now shapes the way we design our product and how we operate our business. We’ll still be riding when it’s no longer cool. Proporcionando la … Both are proud Scottish talent, born and bred, and both mix up trials and mountainbiking in their high-octane repertoire. It’s a habit, it’s part of us, it's a constant. La afamada firma escocesa Endura lanza al mercado la Endura Singletrack, la chaqueta para aquellos que no se amilanan antes el frío del invierno.Está completamente fabricada con un tejido compuesto por dos capas y media, impermeable y transpirable, además cuenta con capucha para las … Haga clic en Aceptar y continuar para aceptar las cookies y continuar navegando o haga clic en Modificar su configuración para elegir si desea aceptar determinadas cookies mientras permanece en el sitio web. In Berlin commuters spent almost two full days in stationary congestion in 2017, and 76% of Parisians have said they take a pay cut to avoid their daily commute. Ride with the substance of advantage in the revamped Pro SL Bibshorts, the latest version of our game changing, multi award winning best seller. ¡Envío gratuito en el Reino Unido! Durability and protection have always been the cornerstone of the brand. For their helmets and protection, they choose Endura, purveyors of no-nonsense, bullet-proof riding kit. Vidéo : Dylan Ferrandis, Dangerboy Deegan, Axell Hodges à Fox Raceway Vendredi dernier il y avait du beau monde à Fox Raceway, Dangerboy Deegan était au … It won’t reduce the headwind but it will help keep your body working at its optimum temperature to push on and enjoy the ride. “The one thing we must focus on now is the Climate Emergency,” Endura’s founders Jim McFarlane and Pamela Barclay point out. This means that for every apparel garment you buy we will plant a tree. What also sets this latest iteration apart from the pack are the collection's eco credentials using an environmentally friendly PFC free DWR treatment. Early pioneers of baggy shorts back in the 90’s, Endura earned a reputation forged on no-nonsense durable kit for committed riders and pro’s alike. Choose life, choose bike is the logical and ethical choice for modern urban transit in a post-Covid-19 world: get fit, save time and save the planet by using two wheels for your commute. Biciescapa es vesteix d'Enduro per a aquesta temporada tardor / hivern 2018/2019. This kit is committed, feature-packed and delivering monster breathability. Endura’s flagship MT500 collection has pushed the boundaries of function and durability setting new standards. This fabric is also certified as having been made in a way that eliminates harmful substances from the supply chain, ensuring that products are safe for consumers, workers and the environment. Endura was founded by Jim McFarlane, a committed road rider and amateur TTer from the 80’s. Chaqueta Cortavientos Attack Fox El Gordo de Escapa Guanya una de les 3 bicis amb el Gordo d'Escapa! Spring 2020 sees the addition of no less than seven new styles to our already strong baggy shorts line-up for any type of mountain biking. Overhauled for 2020, the new Pro SL Bibshort with award-winning multiple pad width technology now boasts a ‘perfect fit’ with lumbar support and power straps. The planting of trees is nature’s most effective solution and we can immediately start extracting carbon from the atmosphere. Navigate the concrete jungle with confidence. #ForceForGood. Chaqueta FOX Legion Softshell Blue Steel 158,95 € Los que no estén familiarizados con el motociclismo fuera pista quizá se extrañarán de ver chaquetas offroad en Motocard, pero los amantes del cross y el enduro sabemos que el invierno es una de las mejores épocas para disfrutar del barro. ES CA Cistella de la compra 0 But don’t compromise on style. Dejo toda la información aquí debajo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya tengo en mis manos, la nueva chaqueta ciclista de invierno FOX attack 2018.Me ha sorprendido el forro del interior, en forma de panal de abejas. In a pre COVID-19 world, millions of people commuted to work by car or public transport. The average traffic speed in London was below 16 miles per hour and commuters in New York spent almost an hour and a half on crammed public transport. Danny MacAskill and Kriss Kyle have distinct riding styles from one another, but they also have a lot in common. Leave the gridlock standing and opt for health benefits and an improved quality of life. Wind - friend or foe dependant on the direction, but almost always a factor when riding on the road in winter. Todos los derechos reservados. Working with the Athertons and Hazzard Racing, the range has never been stronger or tougher. We ride because that’s what we do. Garment technologies developed by Endura for the most demanding races in professional cycling are available to cyclists who ride only for passion in our flagship road collection - Pro SL. Choose Life. Luminite Street Lighting - Embrace the new normal with novel and contemporary high-viz jackets and helmets featuring integrated reflective and lights. Particular focus has been placed on achieving a staggering protection to weight ratio, and as a result the MT500 Full Face Helmet and all new BMX-style Pisspot Helmet are gravity defying game-changers. TIENDA ABIERTA - Servicio WHATSAPP 608.522.182. También puedes obtener más información leyendo nuestra política de cookies. We've been making cycling commuter's journeys safer and more comfortable for many years. From our early collaboration with the hardcore bike courier scene in the 90’s that spawned the iconic Hummvee, the baggy short has been adopted by all tribes of riders from downhill to gravel, commute to adventure. Endura’s top end helmets incorporate Koroyd technology for exceptional impact protection, including the benchmark MT500 Helmet. All rights reserved. Análisis del nuevo casco para moto off-road Fox V2 2020, con novedades herederas de la gama alta de la marca del zorro. The Windchill range acts as a windproof shield preventing heat loss, while transporting sweat away from your body creating a comfortable, warm micro climate while the soft, stretch fabrics ensure a great fit on the bike. Road, mountain bike or urban, Endura stands for cycling. Endura introduce the fourth generation of MT500 Waterproof Jacket as chosen by Rachel, Dan and Gee Atherton. Haga clic en aceptar para continuar comprando o para obtener más información en nuestra politica de privacidad. Made from high quality Italian power Lycra® fabric with Coldblack® technology dramatically reducing heat buildup and providing UPF50, this bibshort features an ergonomic, pre-shaped multi panel construction for an ideal fit in the road riding position. Motocard procesa información sobre tu visita utilizando cookies que mejoran el rendimiento del sitio web y ofrecen publicidad ajustada a tus intereses. Acepta y cierra. Endura leads in cycling clothing, bike helmets and cycling accessories. Also hailing from Scotland, Endura know a thing or two about disruptive engineering for challenging terrain and conditions. “If we don’t tackle climate change then there will not be a planet to clean up.” (Read More). For the year 2020 Endura pledge to plant at least one million trees to help remove carbon from the environment. From a solid engineering background, the Endura philosophy has always been based on the substance of advantage and not just the whim of style. Slicker, sharper, Hi-fi Sci-fi that stands firm side-by-side with our awesome helmets and protection. *SITIO WEB: http://es.foxracing.com/mtb/outerwear/gearsets/ Available in 3 pad width options, the updated 700 series pad delivers unrivalled comfort. Choose Bike. Proporcionando la temperatura correcta, sin hacerte sudar. Me ha sorprendido el forro del interior, en forma de panal de abejas. ************FICHA TÉCNICA******************************************-CHAQUETA FOX Attack FIRE: http://amzn.to/2BkmqmP *PVP: 150€ *COLORES: Verde o Rojo/Negro *SITIO WEB: http://es.foxracing.com/mtb/outerwear/gearsets/-CHAQUETA FOX Attack WATER: http://amzn.to/2k8nNBu *PVP: 185€ *COLORES: Negro, Rojo y Camuflaje. Con tratamiento DWR C6 que no es nada nuevo ya que en la antigua chaqueta del 2017 venían equipadas con este repelente al agua. Commute, transit, or urban e-bike - Endura’s new Urban Luminite garments and city lids let you pimp your ride with directional visibility and street cred while keeping you safe. © 2019 Endura Limited. Utilizamos cookies para darle la mejor experiencia posible.

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