Maximiliana demands from Valentín that, if he wants to talk to Flor, he must first sign the deal between them. Valentín does not stop harassing Flor, so when she goes to sleep with Teo, the ghost joins them on a warm night. El Chile is worried, because Valentín does not appear anywhere. Flor refuses to dance at Octavio's casino to pay Valentín's debts and prefers to leave town. At the casino, Flor learns about the relationship between her brother Aureliano and Paris. Samantha begins to meddle in Aureliano's marriage to get him in trouble, since she benefits from this problem. V glavnih vlogah bodo Ana Serradilla, Joaquin Ferreira in Sergio Mur. And when nobody expects it, Valentín dies from a heart attack on a night of partying. Rosalía asks Teo for an opportunity to try a relationship between them. Todo iba bien, «normal, tranquilo y un poco aburrido» como debe ser un matrimonio. Flor returns to Tlaxcalixtlahuacaca, from the hand of her current boyfriend, Teo. Telenovelas Wiki es una comunidad FANDOM en TV. As Valentín still does not confess to Flor who he really is, she describes him as the ideal man. The man who gives Flor a ride tries to sexually abuse her. His arrival will not only disrupt Flor's life, but also of the entire town. Flor and Teo live a special night and after some setbacks, Flor gives herself to love and to Teo. During the last goodbye Mass, Valentín returns from death, as a ghost. Elsa reveals to Flor that Valentín never found out that he had a son. Hasta que de pronto su deseo se hace realidad. Margarita and El Chile are reunited and resume their relationship. Copyright 2016 de / Todos los derechos reservados. Margarita asks Father Elpidio to hide behind his cassock and to forget about her and what they were. She works teaching cooking and he takes all of her money to gamble. 24 LET OD PREMIERE TELENOVELE “ŠE TE LJUBIM”! Flor and Teo are worried because Elsa, Diego's mother, has disappeared, unaware that she has been arrested for drug trafficking. Copyright 2016 de / Todos los derechos reservados. Ferreira starred in Mexican telenovelas Paquita la del Barrio (2017), Tres Milagros (2018) and Doña Flor y sus dos maridos (2019). Y en medio de la soledad y el dolor de haber perdido a su marido. Upon arriving at the small town where they plan to take refuge, Valentín meets Flor, the woman who will change his life. !#Tlaxcalixtlahuacaca #Locación #PrTeam #Flor2Maridos #DoñaFlorYSusDosMaridos #PréstenosUno #SoyPapaCasada, — PocC Videnta ‍♀️ (@PoC822) December 19, 2018. Doña Flor y sus dos maridos Capitulo 38 – Harto de la desconfianza de Flor, Teo decide terminar su compromiso y regresar a España, ¿habrá boda o no? finalmente, Disfrutarás de tus telenovelas y Capitulos gratis. Muy recomendable. Xóchitl escapes from her house, after finding out of the separation of her parents. Su novela Doña Flor y sus dos maridos GRATIS!!! Teo and Flor will not allow Diego to go to an orphanage, so they will fight for custody. Octavio asks Flor to take responsibility for the debt that Valentín had with him. Flor thinks she is losing her mind for listening to Valentín and thinks that she will end up in a psychiatric hospital. Valentín communicates with El Chile, through Valderrábano. Hasta que de pronto su deseo se hace realidad. Mariana and Aureliano recognize that their selfishness has affected Xóchitl. After being arrested for drug trafficking, Elsa asks Flor to take care of her son. Contó con las actuaciones de Giulia Gam, Edson Celulari, Marco Nanini, Tássia Camargo, Otávio Augusto, Lúcio Mauro, Chico Díaz y Walderez de Barros. Before Diego's adoption procedures begin, Flor confesses to Teo that she has been unfaithful, but she does not have the courage to tell him that her infidelity was with Valentín's ghost. What almost everyone ignores is that Valentín, turned into a ghost, will return to try to recover Flor's love and discover that she is married to Teodoro. Mariana and Aureliano find Xóchitl and they promise that they will not separate, so that she will return home. Rosalía discovers the love between El Chile and her mother and blackmails her, but Valentín will stand between her plans. "Flor y Valentín no van a terminar nada bien". Una gran comedia. Margarita reveals to El Chile that Aureliano is Elpidio's son, at the same time that he points out to Óscar that he believes Aureliano is his son. El Chile asks Margarita to tell everyone about their relationship, but as she refuses, El Chile gives her an ultimatum. Cassandra is released and Malba has news to celebrate her freedom. She rejects him and makes it clear that she can only see him as a friend. The attraction between Flor and Valentín is very strong, only that she is determined to succeed and travels to Mexico City. Valentín asks permission to do one last thing on earth, say goodbye to the woman he loved the most in life. Flor is seduced by Valentín. "Rosalía prueba los besos fantasmales de Valentín". Flor agrees to marry Teo., — ⓈⒺⓇⒼⒾⓄⓎⓄⓁⒾⓋⒾⒶⒻⒸ (@sergioyoliviafc) December 26, 2018, Intervalo de las grabaciones de #DonaFlorysusDOSMariDOS, — Doña y sus 2 Maridos (@TelenLucecitaFC) December 20, 2018, Tarde hirvienderrima de locación!!!! Un «desastre de hombre», pero aún así a ella le gusta como es él. After Vadinho dies, Flor marries Tedoror, the owner of a drugstore. Teo tells Flor that he has heard her ask Valentín to caress her. Está basada en la novela brasileña del mismo nombre escrita … Pero debido a los problemas de Valentín, muere. ZA KOGA BO PREPIR V ZADNJI EPIZODI USODEN? #ALI VEŠ? Una alegre y hermosa mujer que conoce a Valentín (. Za producentom Eduardom Meza in igralsko zasedbo je že nekaj tednov snemanja nove televisine telenovele Dona Flor y sus dos maridos.Gre za priredbo brazilskega filma Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos.Na mehiški program Las Estrellas prihaja 25. februarja, ko bo zamenjala trenutno serijo Mi Marido Tiene Mas Familia. The trial against Cassandra is carried out. Aureliano steals from Mariana the money from the sale of Flor's motorcycle. Meanwhile, Itzamara points out to Flor her perception that she has not stopped loving Valentín.

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