Diana's father, the revered Professor Orlof (Augusto Benedico) has been waiting for this moment, and with the aid of his friend, the mysterious Santo (wrestler Santo himself), they will try to stop Thorina's plan. I don't know about you, but I expect pure, delicious cheese. The state of Wisconsin is jealous of the amount of cheese on display in this movie. The creature under the mask looks like the wolf man ! What do you expect when you mix Santo, the masked Mexican wrestler, with a bevy of beautiful vampires? In this one he is called on to help a father protect his daughter from a group of Vampire women who want to make her their next queen. De no existir previa autorización, queda expresamente prohibida la Publicación, retransmisión, edición y cualquier otro uso de los contenidos, Internet Movie Database (IMDB), Paulina Galván, El sorprendente giro del extraño caso Cienfuegos, Michael B. Jordan: 10 fotos del hombre más sexy del 2020, Inicia primera etapa de la Reforma Laboral, Violencia obstétrica: crueldad silenciada que se ensaña con mujeres indígenas, Morena acusa al INE de extralimitarse en sus funciones, Senado concede licencia a Samuel García; buscará gubernatura de Nuevo León, Google Chrome promete un mejor rendimiento para una navegación en línea más eficiente. I don't get it! Santo y Blue Demon contra el doctor Frankenstein (Santo and Blue Demon vs. Dr. Frankenstein, 1973) Santo contra el doctor Muerte ( Santo vs. Dr. Death , 1973) a.k.a. El Santo, The Man in the Silver Mask, was the most popular wrestler at the time, a true idol of the masses. The combination of masked pro wrestlers and monsters was a natural. To foil his plan for world domination, wrestling superheroes El Santo and Blue Demon battle the mad Dr. Halder and his army of reanimated monsters. Better luck next time undeads. They attempt it several times and while they fail, I guess they are grating on the woman's nerves (You'd be upset too if the undead kept bugging ya), so she calls on Santo, a famous Mexican wrestler to stop the undead and protect her. The main flaw with this movie is that Samson doesn't even appear until halfway through the movie. | Professional wrestlers- in particular, those wearing masks- were the next best thing to superheroes: they displayed the physical prowess of a superhero and, in a series of movies lensed in Mexico, fought every type of monster known (and unknown) to Man. Drinking Game (Not for the faint of heart). If not, just watch the MST3K version of it. Then there was Mil Mascaras, wrestling on American television, in the mid-70's. if you want good acting, a good story and great special effects, stay away, but if you want to have fun watching a masked mexican wrestler kick vampire butt, this is the one for you! Three-Way Movie Duel: Vice Versa vs. Like Father Like Son vs. 18 Again! (And, in fact, childhood memories of El Santo and Mil Mascaras inspired me to create my own pro wrestling superhero, THE AVENGER. All I know about the cult of "Luchadore"/Mexican wrestling is what I gleaned from reading Gilbert Hernandez in "Love And Rockets" more than a decade ago, so when I happened onto this particular nugget via Mystery Science Theatre, it was disorienting. Known as Samson vs. the Vampire Women in the U.S., this is one of four Santo films that were dubbed into English and released north of the border. He hopes that will relieve her anxiety about it. External Reviews This movie also suffers from being dreadfully boring. Of course daddy says not to fret it's a common enough type birthmark. With a popular superhero, a very, very, very sexy vampire queen (I'd let be myself bitten by her)and an hour plus of really good entertainment this is easily the best mexican film ever made. This video is no longer available due to the shutdown of Blip.tv. The Vampire Women, and mocked mercilessly on Mystery Science Theater 3000. 4- Las momias de Guanajuato (1972): The mummy of the legendary wrestler Satan awakes 100 years after his death and it’s up to El Santo, Blue Demon, and Mil Máscaras to stop him from taking revenge over the city of Guanajuato. Roger Corman’s Edgar Allan Poe films (part 2 of 2). I was pretty amazed to find out that this movie is actually one in a series that has about ten entries! This is one of the funniest movies and the greatest Santo movie, perhaps only challenged by "Santo el enmascarado de plata y Blue Demon vs. los monstruos." I remember watching this one when I was a kid, and covering my eyes whenever things got a little too spooky (only to peek at it from between my fingers, of course). This time, he tackles Santo vs. Las Mujeres Vampiro, which would later be dubbed into English, retitled Samson vs. Aye Caramba Santo! I'm glad I didn't smoke pot before watching this because death by laughter would surely be the result. It's a cheese-filled extravaganza. Saw this one the other night, what a hoot I loved it. The following review is an extract from the book "Santo, the Wrestler with the Silver Mask: A guide to all his films", which is now available on Amazon. The childish special effects and poor performances of the actors just make it a jewel of surrealism.

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