Season 1 1 Episodes; Season 2 24 Episodes; Season 3 25 Episodes; Season 4 22 Episodes; 45, 43, 44m 2014. In the end, Paige stays on with Scorpion, who is her real family. While out searching for a Christmas tree to cut down, they encounter gunrunners in the woods holding an, Scorpion is back to normal with the regular roster after Tim's departure, but Paige is upset about how Walter handled the situation and just wants to focus on work. Scorpion travels to a remote location in Wonder Rift, Scorpion gets a mission directly from the U.S. President and works with the FBI on election day when hackers try to crash the voting servers in the latest, Most of Scorpion escorts Walter to his hometown in, Paige's Thanksgiving dinner for the team is put on hold when her estranged con-artist mother Veronica (, Scorpion spends Christmas Eve at a cabin free of all electronic devices, cell reception, and Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, he does not hear Paige's declaration because he is heavily sedated. serie en streaming VF et VOSTFR de Scorpion saison 1 en HD gratuitement sur notre platforme Les Serie en Streaming VF et VOSTFR, spéciale streaming des séries en français. Also, Toby overhears Happy making a date to meet a man at a club. Toby manages to rescue the two and they are able to outfox and capture the pair. Cabe takes them off the mission for violating orders, while Paige tries to find her place on the team. Je m’abonne ! Happy continues to date Chet, upsetting Toby, who takes out his frustration on a, The team must pose as a film crew to get onto the Super Fun Guy movie set in hopes of locating a Soviet 1970s-era nuclear missile that is being sold by arms dealers on an old military base in, The team is ready to open the new "smart" building project they have been working on with Elia, but the building has been infected by a swiftly spreading, With Paige and Ralph stuck on an out of control, A CIA agent bribes the team to search for their top-secret flagship 27B/6 plane from the CIA's new Integrity Airlines after two agents go rogue and end up in, When Walter's parents visit Megan as her condition worsens, the hospital is infected by a fatal fungus outbreak cutting Walter off from his sister and placing the whole team at risk. Later, Sylvester tries to find the right time to tell Walter that he is dating Megan and resorts to blurting it out during their case. Due to Cabe's upcoming physical, Paige remains behind to help him train while Toby is barred from the job by the owners. Computer genius Walter O'Brien and his equally brilliant friends investigate high-tech crimes. In order to get close to a Sardovian asset, Walter and Sylvester enter an international chess competition undercover in an effort to extricate the spy/, Scorpion travels to Greenland for a simple job, repairing a malfunctioning system at the Granse World Seed Vault. Later, Sylvester has a new lease on life after his "death" and works up the courage to tell Megan he loves her. On Christmas Eve, Scorpion must race against time in order to save a young boy who gets trapped in a 14-foot deep, Scorpion must help Ralph when he is brought in for questioning by the, As Valentine's Day approaches, Scorpion must search for stolen experimental shoulder-launch rockets that are being transported aboard a luxury cruise ship, and identify the arms dealer who is transporting them and targeting the. 2015, En charge de l'agence de lutte contre la cyber criminalité à Quantico, Avery Ryan et son équipe enquêtent sur les crimes touchant le monde virtuel et réel... 2018, Les parcours croisés de jeunes avocats ambitieux qui font leurs débuts au tribunal des quartiers sud de New York, la plus vieille et la plus prestigieuse Cour des Etats-Unis... 2013, Série à suivre en France à l'heure US sur Canal+ Séries - Scandinavie, à la fin du 8ème siècle. [1] The series follows Walter O'Brien and his team of genius outcasts as they are recruited by federal agent Cabe Gallo of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to form Scorpion, said to be the last line of defense against complex, high-tech threats around the globe. Meanwhile, at the winery, Toby and Happy are followed by a Norteguaian henchman and escape to the garage to help the rest of the team, who believe they are out of the country but are really in, Scorpion gets a case from the Eastern European Desk of the CIA when two informants in Sardovia are murdered. © 2020 TV.COM, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Puesdes ver series onine de tv? Drame Wanting publicity on their last case, Scorpion takes on a private contract in spite of Cabe's objections. Nada más fácil que ver películas de acción y terror completas en español gratis sin anuncios. After a failed attempt to get help from pro player Kyle Dirk, Walt and Cabe return in time to win the game and save Scorpion's contract, bringing the team closer in the process. At the same time, Cabe attempts to capture Mark Collins with Sly's help after they receive a lead. The team uses their combined intellect to get back to the boat. Marshals in the protection of a key witness set to testify against a vicious Nicaraguan crime syndicate called the DL, they end up taking her on the run across the two counties, with the gang's leader hot on their trail. The elder is in heart failure and the only way to bring needed fuel is through a minefield. Also, Paige grows weary of Walter's play-by-play of all the festival's historical inaccuracies. After Walter is stabilized in the hospital but on strong pain medication, Paige kisses him and expresses her feelings by saying she cares about him. 2018, Mona Shirani, médecin généraliste, vit heureuse à Londres avec son mari lobbyiste politicien Guy Harcourt. Arrêté alors qu’il était encore un jeune garçon pour avoir piraté la NASA, Walter O’Brien, surnommé « Scorpion », est doté du 4ème Q.I.

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