Shaolin Monks | Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge (2020): Scorpion | Liu Kang | Raiden | Johnny Cage | Sonya Blade | Kitana | Jax Briggs | Reptile | Nitara When Havik reveals he desires Scorpion to help his plans to murder the Elder Gods, Takeda can do nothing but watch with tear filled eyes as the chaos cleric mercilessly beats Hanzo, who refuses to fight back out of fear of Havik possessing Takeda using the Chaosrealm dagger. Kung Jin | Although he is taught the ways of a warrior, Takeda originally had a timid nature and didn't take fighting seriously. Raiden suspects it to be the Shinnok's own amulet, and Sonya sends Cassie and her team to retrieve it. To protect Earthrealm from evil threats.Avenge his mother's deathHelp Raiden protect Earthrealm by any means. Liu Kang | Jax Briggs | Johnny Cage | Hobby Seidan Resistance | White Lotus Society, Non-MK/Guest Star Heroes Kenshi Takahashi | Humbled, Takeda thanks and bows gratefully to his master before asking him what became of Havik. But Shujinko refuses, saying that the Kamidogu cannot fall into Raiden's hands before introducing them to the cleric of chaos, Havik. Tossing Raiden Shinnok's amulet, while saying he's lost track of how many people he's watched die to protect the amulet, Takeda brushes off Raiden's apology and tells the god to just keep the amulet sake for all their sakes. In the ensuing confusion, Takeda snatches the amulet and runs, only to trip before he can escape. Stepping inside, Takeda repeatedly asks to himself what his master would do, when he is horrified to see Fujin impaled on a wall by a naginta. Takahashi Takeda on Kenshiin poika. Read at your own risk. As they are sneaking around, Takeda falls and then holds onto the edge of the cliff. Reminding his master that vengeance has already misguided him once, Takeda holds up the Kamidogu and tells Hanzo he has a choice: Give into vengeance like the Blood Demon wants, burning away all he has worked for, or help Takeda save the world so they can rebuild the Shirai Ryu, reminding his teacher that was their plan. Friends/Allies With the Kamidogu blade to his neck, Takeda witnessed that all his fellow clan members had been murdered by the possessed Fox. Forces of Light | Gender Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins (1995): Johnny Cage | Liu Kang | Raiden | Scorpion | Sub-Zero | Sonya Blade Shirai Ryu After Kung Jin causes a ruse to save a petty bread thief from execution, D'Vorah appears and later Kotal Kahn who sentences them to death. Acting fast, Takeda throws his hammer at the creature's face, successfully knocking it off Hanzo and sending it tumbling back into the Netherrealm as the portal closes. In Mortal Kombat Suddenly, Kenshi was hit in the leg with an arrow, allowing Hsu Hao and his crew to catch them. Takeda Takahashi is a student of Shirai Ryu leader Hanzo Hasashi and the son of Kenshi Takahashi. Rushing to the wounded wind god, Takeda learns that Raiden has become possessed once again by the Blood Code and stolen the Kamidogu. Screaming his master's name, Takeda breaks free from Shujinko's grip to rush to Hanzo's side. He is voiced by Parry Shen, who currently portrays Brad Cooper on the soap opera General Hospital. Taven, Secondary Heroes Takeda is eager to continue on, but Scorpion is against it, noting the ferocity of the storm around the temple. Takeda is with his master as the two arrive in the Henan Province of China, at the front of the Kang Temple. Affiliations Earthrealm Though Takeda believes that their sensei is trying to scare them, Fox believes he was serious. Takeda throws a whip down the opponent's throat, piercing the back of the head, then pulls himself toward the opponent, delivering a kick to the back, breaking the spine, then stomps his heel down on the face, breaking the skull. After his mother was killed by the Red Dragon, he was entrusted to Hanzo when his father left to avenge her death. Takeda announces his arrival as he stands ready with his whips to face his master's killer. As they arrive in Kahishari, Japan, Takeda is shocked to learn his master lost to Sub-Zero in the past and questions his plan for their rematch, with Hanzo only cryptically replying that Takeda is his plan. Takeda is trapped in the ice for the conclusion of Scorpion and Sub-Zero's fight, but manages to escape in time to call out to his master as Scorpion prepares to finish Sub-Zero. Blaze | Though Hanzo notes that Sub-Zero wasn't nearly this powerful even under Quan Chi's control, Takeda realizes the Kamdidogu has given the cryomancer his newfound power. When Kenshi found him, he revealed his mother was gone and that he was his father. Each were entrusted to deadly warriors (like Hanzo) for protection and Raiden states that he thought Hanzo didn't need to know everything about the daggers, but sorrowfully admits he lacked knowledge that someone could use them for possession. After killing Hsu Hao and chasing off the rest of the Red Dragon, Hanzo Hasashi took the two to the Shirai Ryu Temple. Edenian Resistance | Death Battle Info Background. Mortal Kombat Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Takeda's reasoning works and Hanzo regains control of himself from his Scorpion persona and spares Sub-Zero, leaving him to die in a pool of his own blood. Takeda is angered by this revelation, but Hanzo tells him that Kenshi had devoted his life to fighting the Red Dragon. Takeda Takahashi Takeda is along with Cassie and the others as they converse with Kenshi on D'Vorah's whereabouts. Spawn | In his youth as depicted in the comic, Takeda wore typical clothing as a child. Nitara | Awed, Takeda admires Liu Kang's statue before the temple as Hanzo is greeted by Shujinko, a master who resides in the temple as well. When Fujin reminds him that Hanzo taught him the value of fighting from a distance, Takeda clarifies that Hanzo taught him to fight, not for vengeance, but justice.

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